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Does a Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Sleep Hot?

Many people wonder, does sleeping on a visco elastic foam mattress make you hot? Or does visco elastic foam sleep hot? Well in a sense yes it does. However, it does not affect everyone the same and there are steps that you can take to help you sleep cooler at night. This information pertains to all visco foam mattress toppers, latex toppers even an isotonic mattress pad. A typical egg crate mattress pad is produced from ordinary foam and does not have the same make up as a memory foam pad does.

A visco elastic foam mattress is heat activated, meaning that it reacts to heat, namely your body heat. So the first feeling you may get when you lay on a visco foam memory bed is, hey this is hard, or just not as soft as you thought it would be. This is because the visco memory foam is at room temperature. The longer you lay there, the warmer the visco foam gets and the more you will feel your body “sink” into the mattress.

As your body starts to sink, almost like in quick sand, you will feel pressure points in your body being supported like they never have been before. The core of a visco elastic bed is traditional foam, this foam supports the mass of your body weight. Usually the top 2-4 inches of a memory foam bed are actually memory foam. This is the portion of the bed that actually conforms to the contour of your body. If there was no core foam to support your weight, you would sink all the way to the bottom of the bed over time with just visco foam. Memory foam beds are not just for adults either, a memory foam crib mattress, made from serta memory foam, can help a new born baby sleep soundly the whole night through. You may also find a good use for a futon memory foam mattress if you often have company who may sleep on your futon and complain of a horrible nights sleep. I think we all know that memory foam latex mattress are not cheap so buying memory foam bedding for you futon may be a little bit much. It’s easy to just go buy mattresses online, but you want to make sure you’re getting the one that will be best for you and your sleeping needs.

Now back to the subject of keeping visco memory foam cooler at night. If the heat you are feeling from your visco foam bed is too much for you to bear, here are a couple of tips. Before you take any of the steps mentioned below, realize that the size of the mattress does not matter! People ask if a queen memory foam mattress sleeps any different from a twin, memory foam double mattress or even a King memory foam mattress, they are all made the same. Basically what you need to do is supply yourself with some kind of barrier between you and the memory foam. This would be through way of a mattress protector or a mattress pad. Most bed manufactures will require a mattress protector to insure your warranty anyways, so this is a win win situation for you.

The key to a good mattress protector, is getting a mattress protector that breathes. So a plastic mattress protector is really out of the question here. There are many protectors on the market now that breathe really well, and at the same time will keep any liquids from penetrating and ruining your mattress and its warranty. If you visit a mattress store you are likely to see a display of a jar with blue liquid in it and a cloth over the top. You can turn the jar over and no liquid will come out, but you can blow through the cloth at the same time. This little display just shows the breath ability of the mattress protector.

So remember in order to keep yourself cool at night on you memory foam mattress, without killing your electricity bill, you need to separate your body from the visco elastic memory foam bedding as best you can. Any little bit of warmth you may experience is still worth the best night sleep you will be able to find in a modern bed. Get yourself a memory foam contour pillow and be prepared to have the best nights sleep you’ll ever have.

What is Visco Foam

Visco Foam was originally developed by NASA to decrease the pressure caused by the extreme g-force during take-off of the space shuttles. It was never used in the space program but has been adopted in many medical fields as well as retail mattress manufacturers to elevate pressure points while sleeping. Visco foam was initially too expensive for the general public, but in recent years it has become less expensive to produce and is now widely available in almost every price.

The most common used for visco foam is in mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers. Its heat-retaining properties may help some pain sufferers who find the added warmth helps to decrease pain. A visco foam mattress tends to be denser than ordinary foam mattresses. This denser foam makes it more supportive but also quite a bit heavier. Mattresses with visco foam usually sell for more money than traditional mattresses but may last longer due to their resistance dust mites.

Visco foam is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals that increases its density and viscosity level. The foam is often referred to as visco-elastic foam. Depending on its density, the foam is typically firmer in cool temperatures and softer in warm. Due to the chemicals added to the foam, some new visco foams give off a distinct chemical odor, but will decrease with airing. Some people remain sensitive to it. Resistance to dust mites and mildew in the visco foam can be an important point for someone with asthma and allergies.

Advantages of Visco Elastic Foam

While we sleep, our body weight needs to be supported by the surface we sleep on. On traditional sleeping surfaces, the body is only supported in a few areas: the head, shoulders, tailbone, and heals. With the majority of the body weight consentrated in these areas, pressure points develop. Pressure points prevent the flow of your blood in your body. To restore this blood flow we must repostition, and doing such interupts or sleep.

A sleeping surface with visco elastic foam on it reacts and adjusts to your individual weight and body heat- molding to your curves and supporting your body in a relaxed, comfortable position.  Visco Elastic foam redistributes your body weight continuously- helping to relieve pressure points that cause discomfort. The foam is formulated to give you support and protection while also create a soft cushioning for comfort.

This unique visco elastic foam is a temperature-sensitive, open cell foam that continuously conforms and adjusts to the individual shape of your body. It reduces all pressure points therefor relieving body stress and strain. While one certian sleeping surface may not elieviate all problems, visco elastic foam is recomended by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist to create a deeper sleep and to help deminish pain. This foam cradles your body in a comfortable relaxed position so you awaken refreshed and rejuvenated.